Friday, June 8, 2012

Gamefowl Tie Cords

     When you have a lot of roosters, it's impractical to build individual pens for each one.  This is where tie cords come in.  They are like a dogs cable, except they go around the birds leg.  This method of restraint allows the fowl more interaction with the world and gives it a chance to scratch around on the ground.  You can move it around easily too, so the bird doesn't get bored from being in the same place all the time.
     I found this on the Sabong forum, a guy makes these I think:


     They also sell them at Randall Burkey, at around $45 for 12

     If  you know someone who can use a sewing machine, they shouldn't be too hard to make.

    I tried my hand at slapping one together using some materials that were at hand. I used an old nylon strap for the leg holder. I put grommits in the appropriate places (at each end). I used trimmer line for the cord with large trimmer line making up the stake loop. I saw after making this first one that the trimmer line might present dangers to the fowl if he gets tangled. Rubber cord seems to be superior.
more coming......................

This Rooster tie cord looks toyish due to the colors, but it's really strong.  You can actually hang from it.


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Killed a Hen
The Hen Died
The Rooster Cried
And the Pullet Committed Suicide

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