Monday, June 11, 2012

Red Quills

     I bought some Red Quill game fowl from a gentleman in MO and they arrived today.  I got 5 birds, 1 bull stag cock, 2 laying pullets and 2 chicks.  The mother and chicks aren't big enough for the trip yet so I'll get them later.  The cock was crowing inside the shipping box.  The pullet had dutifully produced an egg on the trip.  These are really attractive fowl.  They have black eyes, and bronze-looking tail feathers.  The cock has a really big comb which is not dubbed.
     I decided to name this cock 'Buddee'.  I'm not real good at coming up with a zinger of a name, so I was calling him 'buddee' and thought, "hey, that's a good name for him", so Buddee it is 
A rooster named Buddee.

Buddee- Pure Eslin Red Quill 1 year

     It's going to take awhile for Buddee to come into his full glory of plumage, his tail feathers are mucked up a bit, he's pretty awesome even given this.

     I've been watching Buddee for the past few days.  He's certainly no gentleman to his mate.


Shot a Rooster
Killed a Hen
The Hen Died
The Rooster Cried
And the Pullet Committed Suicide

struggle, suffer, endure, learn