Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kentucky Dom Chick

   The lone Kentucky Dom chick that hatched from 8 eggs is growing nicely.  It looks like a pullet, but it's too early to know for certain.  I'm betting it's a female.  I left the chick with it's mom to raise because the mother is very tame.  My first batch of game chickens were left to run with the hen and grew up very wild.  It is hard to manage wild chickens that free range.  The Kentucky Dom is a strain of American Game fowl with speckled barring on the breast.  They are spectacular birds and game to the end. 
     The Kentucky Dom chick is nearly a month old now.  At the weening age of 6 weeks I will cage her for 2 or 3 more weeks for her protection.  One little lone chick at weening age is very vulnerable and wouldn't have the confidence she would have in a bunch.  Also the time in the cage will allow me to get her a little more accustomed to human handling. 

To update my game fowl inventory:

                                                              Kentucky Dom                 1 female
                                                              Miner Blue                      5 hens/1 rooster
                                                              Brassback                        1 hen/3 roosters
                                                              Spanish Toppy                 3 roosters
                                                              RedQuill                          1 rooster/1 hen

                                                              Chicks:  1/2 Miner Blue/1/2 Brassback    @  2

                                                             Chicks:  1/2 Brassback/1/2 Wheaton Pullet (Scrawny) = 'ScrawnyBacks'
                                                                            don't have an accurate count yet...

     At feeding time today the little bantam hen who hatched the KY Dom chick, flew up on a rail next to me with her chick.  I got a good close up look and it has green legs.  It's a pullet too.  I wish I had a KY Dom rooster.