Saturday, July 28, 2012

RedQuill Hen Sitting

     We've only had our RedQuill rooster and hen for about 6 weeks but the hen named  'betty' is already sitting on eggs.  Betty the RedQuill hen reminds of our recently departed Red Chicken.  I thought Red Chicken was one of the prettiest chickens, she had a light streamlined form. Red Chicken wasn't a gamefowl but she was a talkative chicken and this trait is similar in the RedQuill.  Betty the RedQuill hen is very vocal.  She even has the same kind of unique sound as Red Chicken.  I really miss Red Chicken,

     She was a cheerful and inquisitive chicken and I just took it for granted that she would be around for many years. It's a hurtful thing losing her so soon and as her caretaker I feel like I failed to moniter Red Chickens condition closely enough--she had feathers missing from her back due to Brooster's giant spurs and Broosters fixation on her mounting her too much.  I guess the lesson is learned and poor Red Chicken paid for it.
    Anyway I digress, so back to RedQuill sitting.  She's definitely not to be deterred, I tried to feed her some corn but she just ignored it.  Oddly, she's decided to do her sitting in the first cage I had placed her and the rooster in.  I moved them from that cage the first day due to the other roosters fighting the redquill rooster thru the wire.  Buddy, the rooster had injuries from the wire on his feet.  I guess the hen liked the nest box in that cage.  I didn't get a chance to check the eggs in her clutch, I hope she has a good bunch.
     Whilst the good hen betty sits,  her mate the redquill rooster has began roosting in the tree with the game hens he's attracted.  Since the rooster is fairly tame and approachable I guess I'll let him roost there. 

Her name was Magill, But she called herself Lil, But everyone knew her as Nancy.....(Beatles-Rocky Raccoon)