Saipan Jungle Fowl

     Saipan Fowl are a large breed of  chickens from  asia.  They are similar in appearance to Malays and Shamos.  There are distinct differences between these breeds which aren't apparent at first glance.  The wings of the saipans are very small, much smaller than those of the Malays.  The Saipans don't flap their wings very much.  In my opinion the Saipan Fowl is much more adapted to strictly living on the ground than any other breed I've dealt with.  Silky chickens would be an exception. 
     The Saipan Fowl we have are different in behaviour also.  They are more friendly than the Malays, which can't be approached closely.   The stag Saipan we have is also a manfighter.  He obviously sees me as another big saipan rooster and feels the need to challenge me all the time. 

     We only have one lone Saipan pullet.  We had 2 but one died from a condition I diagnosed as 'wry neck'.

     I've been trying to find information aout this breed but as I've stated before, there's not a huge amount of valid information about them.  I read the entire 10 page 'saipan jungle fowl thread' at backyard chickens website but found only a couple of tidbits of info.   Mostly what I found there were people whining about no real saipans anymore and insinuating that those bought from hatcheries were not pure.  I don't find their commentary all that helpful.  

     I did see a couple of interesting posts in the thread by people that seemed to be serious about preserving the Saipan breed.  I couldn't find any contact information so I can't pursue this line of inquiry.  I can't pretend to be any type of force in this endeavour yet because I only have a very limited number of these fowl at this time.  I can be a fierce proponent for this breed however,  if I can just move them along a little next season.  I do have a saipan rooster that is in my opinion, the best siapan specimen of any I've seen.  I've done a good bit of image mining to do comparisons too,  and my rooster is just plain beefier than the spindly-legged cocks in most of the pictures.  I don't mean to insult the spindly-legged fowl, it's possible that they are the 'more correct' form to be true to the original saipan. 

Saipan x White Rock Cross
Another View:  Saipan Jungle Fowl  x  White Rock Cross
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